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History of the company

Our company was founded in1999 and its main activity is concerned into the forwarding activity in the international truck transport, another activity is accountancy guidance and leading of accountancy guidance, marginally the company is interested in trade activity. 

forwarding activity

Our company occupies itself with a transport of various loads to all countries of Europe. We are specialised in the container transport and in the transport of piece consignments. This transport is realised especially to the German port Hamburg.

Our company assures complex services in the sector of container transports, it means: assurance of the container for loading, assurance of the transport of the containers to the port of destination, for example Hamburg, Bremerhaven, etc, assurance of sea transport to all accessible ports in the world, delivery of the consignment just to the consignee. Except of these complex services we are also specialised in the transport of containers from German ports (Hamburg, Bremerhaven) to Czechia, Slovakia, Poland including the assurance of release at shipping business companies.

In the sector of piece consignments our company assures the transport of the consignments to the port Hamburg. This activity is realised in the cooperation with the biggest forwarding companies in the Czech Republic.

Accountancy guidance

Accountancy guidance consists of leading of accounting agendas in single entry book - keeping and in double - entry accounting. We guide all agendas in the accounting programme Money S3.  

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